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Calculators In Gratnell'S Tray - Pack of 30
This maths equipment includes 3 calculators and a Teacher Calculator. Calculators features includ..
Ex VAT: €94.13
Clear Acrylic Geo Shapes Set
A set of 6 giant pieces of acrylic (approx. 200mm in diameter) in different colours and with differe..
Ex VAT: €25.14
Clever Catch - Addition
A must for primary maths classrooms - children can practise basic addition skills with this simpl..
Ex VAT: €14.74
Clever Catch - Division
Divide and conquer with this Clever Catch..
Ex VAT: €14.72
Clever Catch - Mental Maths
Challenge your students to a mental maths marathon. Students catch the ball and answer the equation ..
Ex VAT: €14.72
Clever Catch - Multiplication
Use this multiplication Clever Catch..
Ex VAT: €14.70
Clever Catch - Subtraction
Primary school mathematicians can practise their basic subtraction skills with this simple and effec..
Ex VAT: €14.70
Digital Stopwatch
Digital Stopwatch with a large display size of 1.4 x 3.5cm. An essential piece of classroom equipmen..
Ex VAT: €4.99
Easy Digital Scale 3Kg x 1g
Digital scales with a 3kg capacity and 1gram resolution. Includes removable bowl. Size: 18 x 22cm...
Ex VAT: €19.31
These colourful double-sided square geoboards measuring 150mm feature a 24-pin circular array on ..
Ex VAT: €12.47
Geometric Volume Relationship Set
Demonstrate the relationships between shape, volume and ar ea. Set of 6 hollow, 10cm shapes includes..
Ex VAT: €14.31
Children can measure how tall they are by looking at their own reflection and reading the centimetre..
Ex VAT: €42.90
Jumbo Playing Cards
Jumbo playing cards. Size: 125 x 175. Deck of 52...
Ex VAT: €4.58
Jumbo Timer
Large clear digital display, times up or down in 1 second increments. Maximum time 99 mins 59 sec..
Ex VAT: €8.07
Let's Go with Bee-Bot Book
With 20 activities and lots of tips on imaginative ways to use Bee-Bot, this fantastic book will hel..
Ex VAT: €24.99
Maths Activity Kit KS2
Reinforce basic concepts with this Activity Kit and carry out in-depth work with geometry, fractions..
Ex VAT: €153.07
Measuring Beakers - Set of 5
Resistant polypropylene with moulded graduations. Maximum temperature 120..
Ex VAT: €6.86
Measuring Jugs Set (250ml, 500ml & 1000ml)
Graduated measuring jugs in 250ml, 500ml and 1l. Essential science equipment for your classroom. ..
Ex VAT: €8.58
Mini Sand Timer  - 1 Minute Green
Good for children who find it hard to finish work in a given time. Time 1 minute. Size: 9 x 2.5 x..
Ex VAT: €3.43
Mini Sand Timer  - 3 Minute Yellow
Good for children who find it hard to finish work in a given time. Time 3 minutes. Size: 9 x 2.5 x 2..
Ex VAT: €3.43