Environmental Awareness and Care

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Clever Catch - Recycling
Play involves two or more players who toss the ball to each other and answer the question found on t..
Ex VAT: €14.74
Ground Water Contamination
Visualise the potential contamination of groundwater. Construct mini-groundwater models showing the ..
Ex VAT: €165.58
SmartGrid is the efficient steering and networking of energy sources, storage and consumers within a..
Ex VAT: €1,078.33
The 'Muscle powered sun' extension for leXsolar- Photovoltaic Basic enables various leXsolar items t..
Ex VAT: €157.14
Natural Energy Kit
This kit has 19 hands-on activities which explore electric, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and nuc..
Ex VAT: €181.44
Oceans, Ponds and Streams Kit
What children wouldn't be excited by pond-dipping or rock-pooling? We've combined a host of excellen..
Ex VAT: €162.34
Photovoltaic  Intermediate
Although the main strength of PV Intermediate is the exciting, hands-on experiments with solar cells..
Ex VAT: €436.63
Photovoltaic Basic
Photovoltaics (PV) is the direct conversion of light into electrical energy with the help of solar c..
Ex VAT: €235.71
For pond dipping and aquariums. Strong gusseting to avoid tearing. High quality and very durable. Di..
Ex VAT: €26.46
Safely collect live insectsThe pooter has a safety filter and the sucking tube is colour coded green..
Ex VAT: €4.41
Solar Oven
Gain experience with solar radiation using this solar oven. Its reflective surfaces concentrate heat..
Ex VAT: €77.85
Take water samples containing plant, animal and mineral specimens. Constructed from corrosion proof ..
Ex VAT: €26.46
Sunpower House
Expand students' understanding of energy costs with this working model of a passive solar house. The..
Ex VAT: €81.05
The Sunstick is a valuable learning toy that has been developed and tested for children. It allows c..
Ex VAT: €190.55
Teaching Tank
This unique teaching tool was developed to implement basic science skills of observation and concept..
Ex VAT: €72.85
Teaching Tank
With the Starter Kit you receive not only the large tank (12 x 12"), but you also get the Teaching T..
Ex VAT: €111.86