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2 Way Viewer Magnifier
View specimens from above and from the side. Robust science equipment, great for little hands. Si..
Ex VAT: €8.58
Anatomical Torso Half Size
Anatomically accurate Torso giving science pupils a hands on understanding of the structure of th..
Ex VAT: €68.08
Bags for Lung Volume Kit (Pack of 4)
Lung capacity is a significant indicator of physical fitness.The lung volume kit gives students the ..
Ex VAT: €37.73
Breath Volume Kit
Students measure tidal volume and respiratory minute volume with the plastic bag and mouthpiece. ..
Ex VAT: €49.41
Breathing Fitness Lab
Investigate the pulmonary system by measuring breath rate, breath volume, breath recovery, breath co..
Ex VAT: €286.83
Bug Hunters/Pooters. Pack/5
Place one tube over your minibeast and suck through the other tube to gently and safely collect y..
Ex VAT: €13.00
Bug Viewer
Plastic pot with 2 magnifying lenses (x2 and x4). Grid on base to act as a scale. Great for live min..
Ex VAT: €2.86
Clement Clark Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter
The original portable Peak Flow Meter and the standard used by the majority of healthcare profess..
Ex VAT: €22.65
Clever Catch - Food and Nutrition
This ball is packed full of questions that will help keep your student smart and healthy. This durab..
Ex VAT: €14.72
Clever Catch - Insects
Ex VAT: €14.76
Clever Catch - Recycling
Play involves two or more players who toss the ball to each other and answer the question found on t..
Ex VAT: €14.74
Dental Care Model
A model to demonstrate dental care with a scaled-up toothbrush and teeth..
Ex VAT: €31.03
Dental Mirrors (Pack of 10)
Plastic-bodied dental mirrors, pack of 10..
Ex VAT: €7.36
Hands-on activity makes learning about the digestive system fun! Contains two plastic replicas of..
Ex VAT: €29.44
Digestive System Activity Set
The digestive system is shown with details of the mouth, salivary glands, oesophagus, stomach, liver..
Ex VAT: €200.76
Digestive System Walk Through
Get your students up out of their seats and literally walk the path of the human digestive system! B..
Ex VAT: €54.19
Ear Model - 3 Parts
The model is 2 times full size and dissects into 3 parts, showing external, middle and internal port..
Ex VAT: €46.57
Easy Hold Magnifier
Hardwood frame with easy grip handles enclosing a magnifying lens offering 3x magnification (with an..
Ex VAT: €7.73
Effects of Smoking Kit
Kit includes: 25 filters, filter holder with durable plexiglas base, aspirator bulb, colour chart fo..
Ex VAT: €85.53
Exploring Your Senses Kit
Encourage students' creativity while they explore the wonders of the human senses. Hands-on experime..
Ex VAT: €316.32